Camp 2023 Admission Process

A token of appreciation: Camp 2023 will offer an early bird special of 5% discount for family with multiple campers. The discount will apply when all the following is met (description below uses 2 campers as an example).

  • Online registration of both campers must be completed by midnight March 17th.
  • There will be a new data field on the online form. Please provide the sibling’s Application ID when registering Camper #2.
  • The completed registration packets of both campers must be submitted (postmarked) by March 31st.
  • Please send 1 payment check per camper with camper name and App ID on the check.
  • The online form will show the full tuition and please submit the full amount. The 5% discount will be refunded to the family at the day of camper checkin. This is to reduce logistical overhead and human error.
  • In the event of a camper withdrawing before camp starts, the full tuition of the first camper will apply. The refund check will reflect the differences.
  • Please contact if there is any question. Looking forward to seeing you all this Summer. XOXO

Step 1: Download application packet

Step 2: Online application

  • Online Application is now closed.

Step 3: Complete all applicable forms

  • All required forms are included in the application packet downloaded from Step 1
  • All required forms must be received before camper's acceptance
  • Please write down your application ID on ALL forms
  • Please DO NOT staple forms together

Step 4: Mail in forms and payment to:

  • NECYSC, P.O. Box 615, Weston, MA, 02493