What is the mailing address for forms and payment?

For 2023, the mailing address is:
P.O. Box 615
Weston, MA 02493

Why do I need to submit all forms and payment during registration?

With more than 350 campers and CITs, our staff of volunteers must review every form before camp begins. That is why we require all forms to be sent with payment during registration. Campers will not be accepted until all required forms and payment are received. If you have difficulty to meeting the deadline due to special reasons, please contact

Why can't you simply accept everyone who applies for camp?

There are many factors that affect the size of the camp, such as room availability, staff to camper ratio, and the number of campers our license permits us to have.

How to register for ExplorAsian when not accepted as CIT?

For those who would like to register for ExplorAsian when not accepted as CIT:

1. Email as soon as you know your status. Your program will not be changed automatically unless you notify Registration.

2. Send in the tuition check for EA program and CORI/SORI/ID for the parent who will perform POD duty to NECYSC, P. O. Box 615, Weston, MA, 02493. The check for CIT program will be shredded.

3. CIT applicants have priority to be accepted to EA program

Leaving Camp, Early Check-out, Visits

Will campers be allowed to leave camp during the camp week?

Campers will NOT be allowed to leave camp during the week. This includes routine doctor's visits, sports practices, rehearsals, etc. All routine/non-emergency appointments should be scheduled outside of camp week. Should an unforeseen situation arise, please advise the camp director(s) who will make a case-by-case judgment.

Can I check out my day early?

We encourage campers to stay for the full week and participate with their groups in the Closing Ceremonies. However, under extenuating circumstances, prior to the start of camp, parents can complete the Request for Early Check-Out form from Registration. Parents will be expected to complete the check-out procedure (room check and meeting with the Nurse if retrieving medication) within the designated early check-out hour on Friday (Day Camp). Early check-out is only allowed during the designated hour to ensure adequate staffing for the process and to prevent disruption of ongoing camp preparations for the Closing Ceremony.

Health and Safety

My camper's annual physical exam is scheduled between registration and camp start date, what should I do?

Because we can only process camper's application when all required forms and payment are received, you can register the camper using current health form, and mail us the new form as soon as you have it. Our medical staff has to go over every health form before camp begins, and we cannot let camper join the group without up-to-date health form. If you have difficulty meeting the deadline due to special reasons, please contact

What are immunization requirements?

Please refer to regulations from Mass Department of Public Health.

What is meningococcal disease?

Meningococcal disease is caused by infection with bacteria. The Department of Public Health Division of Community Sanitation issued Massachusetts Local Boards of Health a memorandum dated June 22, 2010 requesting that all recreational camp operators in our communities are provided a copy of the fact sheet "Meningococcal Disease and Camp Attendees: Commonly Asked Questions" to distribute to all parents or guardians of campers.

What is a CORI and SORI?

A CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) is a person's criminal history. A SORI (Sex Offender Registry Information) is a record of convictions for specified sexual offenses committed as an adult or juvenile.

Why do we need to submit CORI/SORI for Parent on Duty (POD) or field trip chaperone?

NECYSC is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our campers, volunteers, and staff. Our policy states that anyone in contact with campers must undergo CORI and SORI background checks. Any person who has not satisfactorily met the requirements may not serve as POD and field trip chaperone.


Where do I obtain the receipt for past year's camp fee?

You can retrieve a receipt for the camp fee online using your security code. Please note that if you received a refund for referring new families to camp, your receipt will reflect the discounted amount.

What is your Tax ID, and how do I get it?

Our Tax ID is printed on the camp receipt and donation letter. You can retrieve receipt online. Donation letter will be mailed or emailed after the camp. If you have not received it, please contact

How do I prevent email from NECYSC from being treated as spam by my email server?

NECYSC depends heavily on email to communicate important information to and from the campers' family. To prevent some of the email servers from treating our messages as spam, click here for details on how to add to the safe list. Also, please make sure that your email address(es) are correct on your application form. NECYSC is not responsible for undeliverable email due to incorrect email address(es).

Camp Activities

Is knowing how to speak Chinese necessary at camp? If my child does not know Chinese, will s/he fit in?

It is not necessary to know Chinese to attend NECYSC. The majority of classes are taught in English. The only exception is the 3 - 4 teachers from Taiwan who only speak Mandarin. However, there is always a CIT or Counselor in class to translate. Not everyone at camp can speak Chinese; some speak Cantonese, some speak Mandarin, some only speak English.

What types of sports or outside activities are offered at camp?

Folk sports such as Chinese Yo-Yo, Kung Fu, Juggling, Folk Dance and Jump Rope are typically offered. Swimming classes are held in Brandeis University indoor pool. We have also offered volleyball and table tennis in the past. Weather permitting, a field day with fun outdoor activities is held every year. There are plenty of opportunities for your camper to be outside and get some exercise!

What if my camper is a novice in swimming?

Every camper has the option not to swim. NECYSC staff supervises campers who do not want to swim. Brandeis University provides certified lifeguards who monitor the pool during swim classes. A swim test is given to the campers during their first swim class. Furthermore, Counselors and CITs are always in the pool with the campers.

Statements and Other Questions

What is NECYSC's policy on Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention?

See statement from NECYSC Head Counselor Team.

Didn't find the answer to your question here?

You can go to our contact page to determine the best team to ask. Or drop us a line and we'll direct your question/comment to the best person.

NECYSC is in compliance with 105 CMR 430.00 (State Sanitary Code, Chapter IV, Minimum Sanitation and Safety Standards for Recreation for Children).
Volunteers of NECYSC who have unsupervised contact with children are subject to a Criminal Offender Record Investigation (CORI) and Sexual Offender Record Investigation (SORI) as required by M.G.L. c. 6, 172G.
NECYSC is granted a license and permit to operate a camp for children in the town of Weston.
Camp plans are available for review by requests by parents. Please send all inquiries to camp director.